Friday, May 05, 2006

Sick Day

The Short One didn't like lunch yesterday at school, so she threw up(I don't blame her, the stuff looked quite nasty.) So home we went. Since our school has a 24 hour policy, we're home today, too.
Do I look sick to you? Let's go watch noggin, already!

Soooo, thanks to the Short One, I was home today when the postman was stuffing the mailboxes. As I walked up, he told me he brought me the package I had asked for. Yay! Sockapaloooza mail!

My sockpal was Trina (who is blogless), and lives in New Haven, CT. In leiu of a postcard she made me a very sweet card with a picture of her and her son Liam (what a cutie!!!!). She also sent a very nice journal. And The Socks!!!! The socks are made of KnitPicks sock garden in geranium and the pattern is that ever popular embossed leaves pattern. So pretty and soft and a perfect fit! Thank you so much Trina!!!