Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Several little pieces.

Okay, so I got tagged for the meme that I think everyone else in the blogosphere has already been tagged for. (It's lonely in my corner, what can I say? Here we go......

1. During my sophomore year of high school, I saw a movie of how hamburger was made. I was so grossed out I didn't eat it for four years. I got over it in college, when I was dating my husband. His sister served chili, and I didn't want to seem rude.

2. I work in special education as a paraprofessional. Basically, I take high needs children through their day at school and modify it to suit their needs. I usually sit at a student desk with the kids. It makes me feel like I'm back in fourth grade.

3. Because I don't get paid salary during the summer, I have to find a summer job every year. This year I'm going to be a day camp counselor. (Yay!)

4. I'm addicted to the Ghiradelli dark chocolate raspberry squares. I go through about a bag a week. It takes me ten minutes to eat one square because I nibble and let it melt in my mouth.

5. I am a major night owl/insomniac, mostly because no one else in my house is up. It's the only time during the day I get to myself. It's also prime knitting time.

6. I won't let my husband use the front av jacks on the living room tv to hook up the DVD player. I think it's unaestheticly pleasing to see a bunch of cords hanging out. I think I'm making him a little crazy about it. (I'm sure he'll hook it up the minute I leave!)

7. I had seven wisdom teeth, and most of them erupted at the same time--second semester midterm week of my sophomore year at college. I had them all removed the first day of spring break. Good times.

Oh, and a bonus tidbit: I grew up in a tiny town in Tennessee. It was named Greenfield, our mascot was the yellowjackets, but our school colors were neither green nor yellow. The were orange and black. Go figure.

Okay, I think I'm one of the last, so I'm going to cop out of naming people. If you haven't done it, feel free to! Thank you and Good Day!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And the winner is.....

We have a winner! The popular vote goes to :
Sunshine Yarns in "Twilight"!
It's already wound into a ball, ready to go. Tonight I'll surf around, find a pattern, and cast on.
And the Short One picked two winners for me:
She drew two names out of our bucket of "kisses":
Ina and Jamie, send me an email at janineknits (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks everyone for playing!
Tulsa Knitters, email me for details about the Friday evening's yarn sale!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Last Chance to Vote!

Just a reminder: I'm closing the comments on the post below at midnight tonight, so I can tally the votes Wednesday morning and wind up the winning yarn in time to take it on a little field trip Thursday. So gimme your opinions, please!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Now for our regularly scheduled program...

Okay, I'm better now. For those of you who are local, that sale will be going on next weekend, details to follow as soon as I get them. I will shamelessly admit to laying it all out in the yarn room and rolling around in it a bit, but mostly to freak out the poor dh, who hasn't quite looked at me the same since.

Now it's time to go on to other business--Sockapalooza 4. I'm really excited about it this go around. I've not picked a pattern yet, but I have narrowed my yarn choices down to two:

Koigu pppm Color P118A

Sunshine Yarns sock yarn in Twilight.
This is where y'all come in. Leave me a comment about which yarn you think I should use. I'll tally up the votes and use the yarn that wins. Then I'll draw a name from the comments and give out a prize or maybe even two! Thanks for your help!

Edit: I'll close the comments on Tuesday at midnight, and tally on Wednesday. One entry per person.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

X-treme stash enchancement

I'm all verklempt--talk amongst yourselves while I go have a little lay-down.

Here's your topic:

Attention Tulsa Area Knitters!!!!!!!!

EDIT: The sale is over for today. Tune in a bit later for details of my extreme stash enhancement!

Do you want some yarn? Good yarn? Very attractively priced yarn???? I have some very nice news for you !!! I was surfing the net last night, perusing the yard sales on craigslist, and I found one that mentioned a YARN LIQUIDATION. And we're not talking some crappy red heart or a couple of skeins of wool-ease, we're talking Rowan, classic elite, trendsetter, artful yarns, etc.

Google map here.

I'm going to hang out a bit and help organize, so come on over!