Saturday, June 23, 2007

Maybe it's time to make a switch

I'm messing around with template, but it may be a moot point. I'm gonna go check out wordpress. Can anyone who's switched from Blogger to Wordpress tell me if it was a drastic improvement? If so, how?


Kim said...

Hi, Janine, from a DishRagTag team member! I went from Blogger to WordPress, and find everything easier --- especially uploading photos, which is what drove me to look for an alternate in the first place. Good luck.

Jeannie said...

Hey, Janine.

Thanks for your message and nice to meet you, captain.

Forum? What forum? (I may have missed something when I signed up).

I wish I had that kind of money, too

Anita said...

I'm in the DishRag Tag too. Just not your team. ;-) Some things are better in Wordpress - you actually get the comments emailed to you, formatting is easier. But Sitemeter doesn't work very well with WordPress. And there aren't as many customization options. Miner details, I think.

Denise~ said...

Janine - Just when I said I'd bale on knitting MS3, I reversed. I saw several more photos on the group site and decided to give it a whirl. Today I bought some beautiful off-white alpaca at Gourmet Yarn!