Monday, August 06, 2007

Now with More Mail!

On Monday the postman brought me another package!

This time the contents were of Sockapalooza 4 nature. This is soooo awesome! Not only did Julie, my sockpal, knit me a pair of absolutely perfect socks, but she also gifted me with a skein of her own handspun!!!! Okay, the socks are made out of Lorna's Laces, the pattern is from the second sensational sock book, and the handspun is Crown Mountain Farm Superwash in "Say a Little Prayer" and it was spun the day before Short One's birthday, so that makes it even more special. I did try to get a picture of the socks on my feet, but I quickly learned that six-year-olds-who-are-almost-seven do not necessarily make the best photographers. I'll try again tomorrow. Thank you so much Julie!!!!!

On another Sockapalooza 4 note, I am on the toe decreases of the poor second sock. I'm having a hard time remembering what I did on the first go around, so I'm reading the other sock and copying it the best I can. I feel horrible, like I've failed my sockpal. I hope they will forgive me for running late!
Before I had to rip and reknit the sockpal socks, I got excited over Amy Singer's Everlasting Bagstopper pattern over at Knitty. Erm, so excited I knit the whole bag in one night. Tara knows this because I cast off the body of the bag in her car on the way to Fiber Christmas in July over in Kellyville, OK. I made up a pattern for the handles and knitted them at home that night. Now if I can get up the energy to weave in the ends and all that....... But Hey! It's functional! I'm declaring it an F.O.

In Dish Rag Tag News, I'm pleased to report that Susan not only received the Sweet Sixteen box on Monday, she also knit her dishcloth and got it back in the mail to Jeannie. Way to go Susan! Let's keep it up ladies, we've got a good groove going on!!!!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll show off what I picked up at the fiber festival with Tara.


Jeannie said...

For some reason, Blogger has decided that I am operating a spam blog. Was it something I said? I have appealed! I hope to be back in the blog business shortly. However, I am pleased that the package is on its way!

Tara said...

I love the way your bag turned out! I can't wait to start mine but I have to finish the stole from hell first

Denise~ said...

So what'd you buy at the horribly depressing Oklahoma fiber festival?