Monday, September 17, 2007

Half an F.O.

Okay, I'm better now. I have half an F.O., but my only pic of it is with the Yarn Harlot. Please bear with me, this post is kinda long.
Sunday morning started out with me waking up late. Crap. Was supposed to be up before the crack of dawn to organize the rest of the move so the boys could work while I was away. Crap. Leapt out of bed, took shower, had to use hubby's shampoo cause I forgot to dig mine out of one of the several bags and boxes that came from the bathroom at the old house. (Did I mention we're MOVING?!?!?!) Got out, got dressed, dragged short one to the car. Sped over to old house. Filled car with stuff. Waited for friends to come help. Realized I had to pick up Tara in 45 minutes and still not dressed. Ran to storage, emptied car, drove to dumpster, cleaned out front seat of car, drove to her house, changed clothes. Right, off we go!

First stop, drinks and snacks. I'm not sure where we stopped, but we decided it was questionable as Tara's animal crackers were a little on the old side. No big deal, let's keep going. Must. See. Yarn. Harlot. We sail through the first toll booths with no problem, but then the road narrows down to two lane for like half the turnpike, widens to for before the next toll collection center, then narrows back down. Takes forever.
We finally make it to Kansas around 1;30. Plenty of time. We noticed the air conditioning is putting out warmer air. I whine about possibly needing Freon or whatever that stuff is that makes AC work. Then we decided to stop and get some maps at the welcome center, and as we pull into the lot, I hear a ding and look at my dashboard to see that the car's overheated a bit. I panicked and called my car person, then she called hers. After much consultation, we decide to open the hood, let the car cool down, and then add water. This solution worked very nicely, and we were on our way again. On to Wichita.

We made it to the high school with no issues, got pretty good seats, and settled in. (Settling in evidently includes me dropping my camera and losing its batteries and somehow dropping a DPN in Tara's bag.) Then Stephanie came out on the stage!!!! She was so great. My husband is definitely a full fledged member of CHOKE. I think the best part of her speech was when she showed us how she knits.

I would have to say the best part was the book signing. During the talk I finished a sock, even the kitchnering the toe! We had to wait around a bit cause our tickets were stamped 166-167, and the place was too dark to work on my never ending Josephine top. (I promise, pictures soon, I'm finally almost done with the back.) I decided to avoid the deadly Second Sock Syndrome by casting on the second sock. I got through the first inch of the second sock by the time we made it to the table where I proudly showed Stephanie my finished sock, which she promptly put on her right hand and instantly correctly proclaimed it to be the Undulating Rib Sock from the Favorite Sock Book. Then she picked up her recently finished traveling sock (yes! this one!) and put it on her left hand. She admired the socks together, then I think she made them talk to each other in the manner of sock puppets.

She might also have done a couple of yoga poses before pulling her sock off her hand with her teeth. Then she handed my sock back to me and apologized for being so silly with my sock, to which I regrettably replied. "It's okay, I work in Special Education." That sooooooo totally came out the wrong way. After that she took my picture, and wrote down my name, probably to warn other knitters to stay as far away from me as possible.

Not much else to tell but that I got us lost in Wichita afterwards and fielded phone calls from the grumpy and disorganized men, who were all quite pissed that I was out having fun while they toiled to get all our stuff out of that house. Poor Tara had to listen to the drama all the way home. All in all though, it was a wonderful experience!!!


laurie said...

You got to meet the Yarn Harlot.
How cool, good luck with the moving.

sweet sixteen-laurie

Denise~ said...

bwhahahaa You work in Special Ed. Oh my goddess i would love to have been there for the sock puppet show!

I'm terribly jealous that you had live encounter with the Harlot.

Okay so what's CHOKE?????

Janine said...

Cultural Harassment Of Knitters Everywhere.

Eric & Tony said...

Sounds fun! I love that special ed comment.